Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We had the great fortune of going to Disneyland last week with some of my family. It was such a blast despite the long drives and surviving off practically no sleep. Talmage and I were both trying to get over our sicknesses when we went, and unfortunately got worse while we were there...but that didn't stop us. We had so much fun and were even more glad that Daniel's mom was able to go with us! It was her first time ever going! I didn't snap very many pictures mostly because I hate my camera and we were running around so quick I barely had time to snap any moments.

Here we are saddling up for our first day in Disneyland.

Talmage fell asleep on Pirates of the Caribbean.

We had to keep our little guy bundled up because it was a little chilly in California.

Nana gave Talmage a stuffed Mickey. He absolutely loves to play with it.

My boys!

Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. Look at that smile!

After two days at Disneyland, we spent our last day in California at the beach
 Talmage didn't have any beach hats, so Emri let him use hers, hence the bow and the girly pattern. He's pretty confident in his manliness so we weren't worried.

 We were so grateful to have a vacation before it got really crazy with Daniel's school and work. This semester has been tough on all of us and this vacation is just what we needed. Who knows when we'll be able to go again! Daniel and I can't wait to plan our next visit and have decided that two days is not enough!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Six Months

Our little one is six months old today! Oh my, how time flies. Talmage is changing more and more everyday. 

Here's a video to start out this post. Talmage loves to get his diaper changed in the mornings...

Our baby likes to use his mouth and vocal chords to make different sounds. He growls. He makes raspberries with his tongue and lips. He squeals. He laughs. He makes sounds with his mouth that sound like talking. He is a very vocal baby. We're hoping one day he can sing while his daddy plays the guitar.

My mom keeps asking me if I have gotten his growling on camera. I didn't realize I hadn't yet! So last week before he went down for a nap, I got him growling and caught it on video. You don't realize how hard this is because Talmage will stop whatever he is doing and watch the camera if he sees it. Hence the reason I filmed the floor.

For some reason, Talmage likes things on his head.

He also loves to eat his blankets. I can't get the kid to take a binky, but he'll take a blanket to the mouth. He loves to suck on pretty much anything, including chins (but gags when I try to put a binky in - what?) He loves to play in his little stand up play thing. He also loves to eat food! I've only given him a few different foods so far, but he's liked them all except green beans (who really likes green beans anyway?)

Talmage absolutely loves little kids. He loves to stare at them and always gets a big smile on his face when they interact with him. I went to my parents church a week ago and was waiting outside the RS room for my mom when a little girl looked up at Talmage and said "why is he staring at me?" I just laughed. They don't understand that his only interaction at home is with me and that gets pretty boring.

Some things that Talmage is also doing: almost sitting up on his own, rolling from his back to front and so forth, rocks back and forth on this hands like he is going to crawl, eats hair, grabs daddy's glasses when they play together, smiles at complete strangers (and makes them smile), recognizes mommy, and he's started to reach out for people he wants.  Overall, he's just one happy baby.