Sunday, January 9, 2011


So school has started once again...

Let's just say we're not that excited about this semester. But at least I have some really good classes...that should help. It's more than I can say for Daniel. I wouldn't trade our schedules if my life depended on it. But he's a good sport and is actually VOLUNTEERING to do taxes this tax season. He's pretty much my superhero.

That's pretty much it. We have a lot of fun goofing around...and taking lots of naps.

Oh, and we got a new computer. It was used, but it fit within our budget and works great. We are grateful that we don't have to share one computer anymore. (So much better.) Do you want to know what Daniel named this little computer of ours?


He said that if I won't let him name one of our children Octavius, then he can at least name the computer after him.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year!

I know everyone has a hard time following their New Year resolutions, including me, so this year I decided to make it simple. Something I could easily do and I could stick to. I really only made one goal:

Read my scriptures everyday. (Everyday being the key word)

Ever since I've gotten married, it's been really difficult to keep up the good habits I had when I was single. Daniel and I read scriptures together, but I've been slacking on the personal study part. At my best, I will try and study the scriptures everyday, but on those days when I'm dead tired and can hardly kneel to pray, reading just a few scriptures will be enough.

My main goal this year is just to be a better person. Through the rough and smooth, I want to be an all around better person. I think studying my scriptures everyday will help with that goal. In my old single days when things were tough and I felt alone, I knew that if I just got up early to study my scriptures first thing in the morning, I could get through anything. I have a testimony of those ancient words and their truth. They bring so much peace and comfort into my life. I'm sad to admit I haven't been taking advantage of that goodness as much as I should. That ends now!

Happy New Year everyone! May this year be full of peace and happiness.