Monday, September 27, 2010

Dirty Dash!

This last week I started to get sick on Tuesday night. It started with a really bad sore throat and I was terrified my mono had come back to haunt me once again, but great blessings were in store and it was only some kind of cold/flu/normal sickness thing. I rested for two days so I could gear up for this on Saturday:

Yes, nothing was going to get in my way of running the Dirty Dash. If you don't know what it is, you should go look it up. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done. I couldn't run as much as I would have liked to because I wasn't totally over my sickie-ness. I finished it none the less and crossed the finish line with my cousin, Susie, and my sister, Mackenzie (okay, so Kenzie finished slightly before us...)

I told Daniel he didn't need to come watch because I had no idea when we would finish, so when I passed the finish line I was surprised to see his clean smiling face. Seeing him was probably the highlight of the whole race. I love my man. He waited in the sun for an hour and a half to see me finish my dirty race. Susie even commented on how lucky I was to have such an amazing man. It's true. He's pretty amazing.

I encourage all to do the Dirty Dash next year. It was epic.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

GBLF (Goof Ball Lovers Forever)

While listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and semi-hacking my lungs out I finally decided it was time to go through my engagement pictures (I know, it's been A LONG time). I came across some pictures that I thought captured the essence of my relationship with Daniel. What do you think? True Love?

Now you understand what our photographer had to put up with. But to be fair, he did tell us to be natural. But despite some goofy pictures, we did come out with some good ones. Pictures I'm sure you all haven't seen yet. (I know this because I hadn't seen them either, until an hour ago.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Weekends

For those of you who know Daniel and I, you know that we're not much of party goers. Nor are we the kind of people that plan parties, or any such events. We are both pretty content being with each other, even if that means we just sit at home and watch a movie, talk, or make dinner. Some might label us as "lame," and I must say, I have called Daniel lame more than once (he's even less of a "fun" person than I am), but in our defense, I will say that we do "fun" things sometimes. (I think we error on the side of being too realistic and too practical sometimes.) This weekend we decided to take a crack at some fun. After our "fun" session of chasing down Daniel's study group at UVU, and me working on my advertising agency project on Friday, we decided to adventure along University Parkway. Guess where Daniel wanted to go? No, not F.Y.E, not Barnes and Noble, not one of the million restaurants, not the mall, not even any of the car dealerships (which surprised me the most). No, Daniel wanted to go here:

No joke. When Daniel makes a suggestion, I take it, because it's rare that he makes any. He doesn't even pipe up when he wants something at the grocery store. I mean this kid is marvelous. He doesn't ask for much, never takes, and always let's me decide, but sometimes I just want him to tell me what he wants. So, when he said he wanted to go here, I said "sure!" So for a few hours we went up and down isles looking at toys we used to play with and reminiscing about the old days. Like did anyone else enjoy playing with these classics?

We were also surprised by the new toys out now a days. What happened to the days when kids were content with the toys they got in their "silly sacks" and played in the dirt? (I know that's what I used to do and loved it.) Anyways, afterward we headed over to one of my favorite restaurants - Chili's. Mmm. And that was pretty much our night, and it was marvelous. The rest of the weekend was spent doing homework, laundry, going to the temple, baby showers, and preparing for another busy week. Sounds fun, right? Well, it was. This is what we do on the weekends.

On another note, I've felt an immense sense of gratitude lately for how Daniel and I have been blessed. We both have great jobs, we're going to good schools and Daniel is starting to love accounting (YES!). We're happy, healthy, and totally in love. A great weekend indeed.

Friday, September 3, 2010

16th Grade

And we're still going! Daniel started school almost a week and a half ago and I'm barely blogging about it. Ya, I need to be better about this blogging thing. I have so much I want to say, but because our internet stinks at home, it's hard to want to blog when it takes like an hour to load pictures, or I can't hook up to the internet at all. But here I am! We're back. My goal is to write posts more often. I often think I need to have some cool pictures to go a long with a post, but I'm slowly coming to the realization that I don't ALWAYS have to have a cool picture. Sometimes cool words are just as good.

So here is an over due update:

Daniel is going to UVU and while it took him awhile to warm up to some of his accounting classes, he's finally finding some enjoyment amidst all the numbers and tax lingo. He's working at an investment firm part time, but has decided that may not be the route he wants to go in the future. Some days are harder than others at work, but I love it when he gets home and lets it all go. He's a real trooper and will do anything to protect and take care of me.

Amie (me) is going to BYU and loving her Advertising classes. No, really. I love them. My professors are absolutely wonderful and I'm convinced I have the best major ever. It's full of group projects which I like to call "group fun" because mostly we get to come up with crazy ideas and present them to real clients. I get to be involved with a L'Oreal competition this semester and if my team wins, we'll go to New York to present, and if we win there, they'll fly us to Paris. Yeah...I want that. I'd hate to leave Daniel behind...but I figure it's for a good cause. Anyways, work is just as awesome. I'm training a new employee and I love the feeling of being in charge. I think it comes with the whole personality trait where I like, well not like, but act like a mother. It's only a good personality trait with my children...Oh, wait. I don't have kids. But none the less, I enjoy teaching and learning. My job is fascinating. I read journals from pioneers, account books with Joseph Smith's work recorded in it, Emma Hale's family records, etc. It's just extremely awesome. My boss is just as awesome too. He's a fountain of knowledge.

Notice how my update is longer than Daniel's. It just means I like to talk more. Anyways, that's it for us. Now that I'm all caught up, I can start writing some really interesting posts. In the mean time, if you want to see why I love advertising, check this video out that our Ad lab did. It pretty much rocks.