Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This summer has been full of weddings, and full of cakes! Right after Daniel and I got back from our honeymoon I went busily to work in order to make Hilarie's wedding cake. Daniel was the best assistant I have ever had. He really saved the cake in the end. When I start my company, he'll be right by my side rolling out fondant. I love him! He's also my comical relief when I get too stressed out.

He's such a cutie.

Hilarie and Brendan stuffing cake in their faces. I'm glad they enjoyed their cake.

And this is me with the cake! I was so proud of it. It came together at the last second.

It definitely was a success.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've realized that I haven't blogged much about our wedding, mostly because I don't have the pictures from our photographer yet. But, I thought I'd blog about our honeymoon to Mexico. We had a great time, and it was wonderful not to have to worry about entertainment or food. We pretty much slept and ate the whole time. (I probably gained some weight...) Besides the rocking boat and a little sea sickness, we had a great time! Here are some snap shots of our trip.

We actually didn't even get off the boat in Mexico. We looked out the window, saw how dirty and scary it looked, and decided to enjoy the sun on the ship. Plus, I was just too scared of missing the boat and being stuck in Mexico because I didn't have a passport.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodbye, Rex

This post may not be the happiest, but I am relieved to say that we have sold Daniel's car, Rex. We've been going over our finances and figured out that we just can't afford a car payment on top of the rest of our expenses. For me, it's just a nice car, but for Dan, it's a piece of his manlihood. I may not understand his desire for rally racing and cars that go fast, but I do know that getting rid of a nice car that you love is a hard thing to do. Thanks for the sacrifice, babe! I promise that one day we'll get you a nice car when I make my six figures ;) . (But you have to promise you won't rally race.)

On a lighter note, his parents are the ones who bought it...so really, he'll get to see it every couple of months when we visit his family.

Update: Daniel has decided that he wants to be a financial consultant. He got pretty excited when he started planning other peoples' finances including our own. It's good to see him excited about his future career. Now, I just have to make sure that he follows through with his goal. Daniel is still searching for a job right now, so if anyone knows any good places, or anyone that is hiring, let us know! He's anxious to start work again, and so am I. Bless all those who donated to the Spear fund when we got married. We've been living off of the generous donations.

I decided to drop out of the Ragnar Relay this year due to complications with my mono. The symptoms came back about 2 weeks ago and I thought it would be best not to train and get sick again. I want to get rid of this sickness forever! It really makes me in a bad mood and being tired all the time is not fun. My husband is a dream for putting up with me. He truly is the perfect guy for me. I'm working full time and getting ready for school to start in 2 weeks. I'm totally not ready to go back, but it's time to get my brain working again.

Other than that, married life is going very well. If it's true that the first year is the hardest our marriage will be a breeze!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The little happy bits

There are lots of perks to being married. There's also lots of things that help you two grow together. Marriage really is awesome and I know why God made it a part of the big plan.

Anyways, the thing I love about having someone there all the time for all my wants, needs, and a glass of lemonade, is the little joys that happen amidst the stress of phone bills, insurance, no job, and the selling of our precious car. For instance, I sit alone at work in my own little office consumed in editing a bibliography for my employer. I sometimes get a lot of time to think and stress out about our current condition. But a few minutes ago, Daniel called to tell me that we have internet at our apartment! FINALLY! Our wireless router that we spent so many gift cards on, actually works, and now he can job hunt more efficiently. Not only that, but it means that when I start school in a few weeks, I won't have to live in the library just to use the internet. We are both really excited (really, being an understatement). It's the little joys that keep us going and help us in our stressful lives. I love being happy about little things that make our life easier.

When you have nothing, it's the small things that make life wonderful.